Wall coatings can help safeguard and add value to your property, with waterproof masonry creme coatings serving to keep moisture at bay and protect brickwork or mortar from moisture damage.

They also help prevent damp, mould, moss and mildew growth that is spreading throughout your home, leading to improved energy efficiency and making life more comfortable for residents.

Protection from the Elements

Wall coatings are extremely resilient, standing up against various harsh elements that threaten property. From rain, wind and snow to protecting against moisture penetrating walls – which could otherwise lead to rot, mould or worse – exterior wall coatings provide your walls with extra protection and can even increase property values!

These coats are also designed to be self-cleaning, meaning that they can withstand dirt and grime without needing to be washed regularly – saving both time and money in the long run, especially in busy urban environments where dust accumulation is commonplace.

These coatings can also increase energy efficiency in your home by helping retain heat, which in turn saves money on energy costs and makes them worthwhile investments. They’re also breathable – meaning they expand and contract depending on temperature fluctuations to keep your property warmer in winter and cooler in summer – making these investments worthwhile investments!

Increased Value

Protecting your property against the elements is essential to maintaining its value. Rain, snow, and mud can wreak havoc on its exterior surface and lead to wood rot, mould growth, costly repairs, or worse yet – scratched walls! Wall coatings may help by keeping moisture out of its structure preventing costly repairs from arising later.

This product differs from traditional masonry paint in that it contains specific blends of resins and minerals for specific uses, making them long-term waterproof solutions, protecting buildings against adverse weather conditions.

These products can also help lower energy bills by insulate the walls of your property. Damp walls allow heat to escape twice as fast, so keeping walls dry helps them remain warmer for less heating costs. There is even an assortment of colours available so you can select one to complement your house, making maintenance simple with just a quick hose-off to clear away any dust build-up on its surface!

Easy Maintenance

Choose an exterior wall coating that can easily be cleaned with soap and water and will resist staining to protect your investment and minimize future repairs or replacement costs. This can help preserve its value over time and protect it for years.

Whilst technically classified as masonry paint, wall coatings differ considerably from what’s available at your local DIY store. Instead, wall coatings combine the benefits of both solid stain and exterior paint into one product that delivers on what it promises on its label.

Wall coatings are intended to protect porous substrates such as roughcast, pebbledash, sandstone, brick and render from damage caused by rain and vapour; thus keeping out rain but allowing walls to breathe while protecting from moisture absorption that leads to dampness, mould and mildew growth. They can also improve insulation of properties and cut energy costs; helping save you from costly heating bills in winter.


Professional wall coatings form a strong bond with the exterior walls, protecting them from damage while improving their performance. This includes lowering energy bills and keeping homes warm by creating an effective barrier against condensation, dampness and heat loss.

New wall coating can not only add beauty and value to your home, but can also increase its worth. Aesthetics play an integral part in property kerb appeal; wall coating keeps them clean, dry, bright, and mould free.

This is particularly essential for properties built with cavity walls; without proper external wall insulation (EWI), water may seep into the cavity wall, leading to damp and eventually weakening its structural integrity. A new coating creates a barrier against moisture intrusion that keeps walls dry while improving thermal efficiency, saving money on energy bills while cutting maintenance expenses over time.