Wall coatings protect exterior surfaces from damage while helping to insulate buildings and reduce energy consumption costs. Furthermore, wall coatings may prevent water damage as well as decrease maintenance costs and maintenance expenses.

These coatings feature low VOC emissions and are constructed using premium acrylics and resins, featuring light fast pigments for resistance against fading and lab testing.


An exceptional wall coating can protect your building from the elements. It can stop water damage, enhance curb appeal, prevent mildew growth and mold, increase durability and increase property values. Ultimately, high-quality wall coatings add lasting value.

These coatings are composed of paint, resins, and minerals designed for specific uses and are highly durable, outlasting the life expectancy of traditional masonry paint and much less costly than rendering replacement services.

This wall insulation coating can be easily applied to the exterior walls of your property and transformed into a breathable masonry with 50 percent improved thermal conductivity, which prevents heat loss in Winter while decreasing energy costs, stopping moss growth and being self-cleaning; in addition, rain and wind damage prevention capabilities make this an excellent solution for homes featuring 70s/80s stone cladding, pebbledash bricks or cracked/discoloured coverings – not to mention easy maintenance with a 10-year guarantee!


Our team of skilled Glasgow property experts will assess the walls in your home before applying a highly-durable wall coating product to protect them. This masonry cream acts as a clear insulation barrier between single skin structures and those with cavities, keeping heat inside while simultaneously decreasing heat loss through walls.

This exterior cladding system not only allows your walls to breathe while protecting them from dampness and condensation, but it’s hydrophobic too, meaning that instead of absorbing water it repels it away – prolonging its lifespan while helping prevent the growth of mould or mildew on them.

Exterior wall coatings differ from masonry paint as they’re composed of specially blended resins and materials designed for their specific properties. Once mixed, these wall coatings can be either sprayed on directly onto your building’s exterior surface, or hand-painted in difficult-to-reach spots by professionals. Once applied, exterior wall coatings tend to last a long time without much in the way of maintenance after application; it is recommended to hire professional installers to ensure the job is done correctly, protecting its walls over the long term.

Easy to Maintain

Our exterior wall coatings are created from a special mix of paint, resins and minerals designed to offer your property the protection it needs for at least 10 years. Enjoy a truly non-paint exterior coating resistant to rain, sleet and snow while saving energy with insulation properties as well as damp proofing that prevent damp, mildew growth for less energy costs overall.

Masonry cream that we provide chemically bonds to the surface of exterior brickwork, penetrating deep into its walls to form an invisible insulation barrier and regulate temperature by keeping warm air inside while stopping water absorption that damages walls over time. It helps regulate temperatures as well as protect walls against damage by mitigating temperature loss or gain. Additionally, our product helps regulate temperature regulation as it prevents warm air escaping as well as water absorption that leads to wall deterioration over time.

Weatherproof wall coating from us in Glasgow is also highly resilient and elastometric, meaning it can adapt as your house expands and contracts without cracking or damaging its surface. Rest easy knowing your exterior walls are protected against water and weather elements for decades to come!

Environmentally Friendly

Wall coating installation by our team offers an effective first line of defense against mould, moisture and more. By spraying a hydrophobic barrier on your walls, they can prevent up to 95% of water absorption into masonry structures – keeping masonry dry while eliminating dampness, mildew and condensation issues in their tracks.

Hydrophobic coatings provide air molecules a way through, allowing masonry structures to breathe and prevent future moisture-related problems. Furthermore, this self-cleaning barrier removes dirt and grime without needing manual intervention from cleaners.

No wonder homeowners in Scotland have chosen the Never Paint Again exterior wall coating system. Not only does it save them the hassle and expense of repainting or maintenance for up to 20 years, it looks fantastic too – not forgetting its energy saving benefits like keeping walls warmer in winter and cooler in summer, plus fighting moss, mildew and fungus growth!