Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home? A wall coating may be an effective solution; these waterproof masonry creme coatings protect walls against moisture damage while simultaneously adding aesthetic value.

Wall coatings also increase energy efficiency by helping retain heat in your home and lowering your energy bills, so read on to understand more why choosing wall coatings over regular exterior paint should be your next priority.

1. Energy Efficiency

If you want to save energy, improving the thermal efficiency of your home is a good place to begin. Doing so will cut energy bills while lowering carbon emissions.

Exterior wall coating is a stronger form of masonry cream applied to the outside walls of buildings to shield it from weather damage such as damp and gradual decay over time. Furthermore, this protects brickwork from becoming mouldy, green or stained with moss growth.

Wall coating also helps keep bricks dry and prevent heat loss; damp walls act like thermal bridges allowing heat to escape the property at twice the rate as dry brickwork. With such energy-saving potential, wall coating is an excellent alternative to paint!

2. Aesthetics

In the 1860s, Britain faced an assault from an audacious and sensuous Aesthetic movement which threatened to dismantle Victorian traditions. Adherents celebrated beauty of form, taste, and self-expression over moral expectations and restrictive conformity; “art for art’s sake,” and it inspired new works in music, literature, interior design and fashion.

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3. Longevity

As opposed to exterior paint which can crack and peel over time, our wall coating Glasgow service protects your property against weather-related damages by spraying or hand painting a strong masonry cream on its exterior walls. This barrier acts as a clear protective layer on both single skin and cavity walls, reducing heat loss and energy bills while preventing dampness which contributes to decay in brick and masonry structures. Our coating products are weather tested and color stabilized to provide your property with extended longevity. They’re easy to maintain and only need two coats for beautiful results – that’s why we provide a 10-Year Manufacturer Guarantee on our work!

4. Durability

Weatherproof wall coating provides your home with extra protection from damages that could compromise its appearance over time, which is especially crucial in Scotland, where winter conditions can wreak havoc with buildings, leaving them susceptible to damp and other issues.

ProPERLA facade and masonry creme coating is waterproof, protecting bricks and mortar of your building from moisture damage, offering significant advantages over traditional paint that may lead to mildew growth that causes further deterioration to its exterior surface.

Our professional team can assess the walls of your building and apply waterproof coatings that will prevent damp or weather damage to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come and protect your home.

5. Reduced Maintenance

Wall coating is a thicker masonry cream than paint that can be applied by spray or hand to the exterior walls of your property to act as a waterproof layer, protecting brickwork from moisture damage and protecting against mould or mildew build up that could potentially do irreparable harm to its surroundings.

Wall coating can be an attractive selling point when you’re selling your house as it increases energy efficiency, decreases bills and makes your property appear cleaner than ever. Plus, unlike painting jobs which need frequent repainting sessions and require constant upkeep and maintenance costs – wall coating provides long-term protection and investment returns; many homeowners even choose to have their coating renewed regularly!