Painting and decorating are usually the final steps in any renovation project, and our painters and decorators in Glasgow suggest planning your painting schedule carefully to achieve optimal results. Our expert painters and decorators will advise you to set up your schedule as early as possible for optimal results.

Wall coatings keep walls fully breathable by allowing water vapour to escape, thus avoiding condensation. They also act as self-cleaners by repelling dirt particles from adhering to walls.

Water-Based Gloss Paint

Water-based gloss paint of high quality contains additives to combat mildew, spoilage and fading. These additives are integrated into the resins used to form the paint and help bind pigments together for an improved finish compared with less costly versions.

Water-based paints contain low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds), meaning they have less of an environmental impact and have a reduced odour when used inside your home.

When applying water-based paints, selecting the appropriate brush is essential to successful application. Synthetic fibre brushes tend to be soft and cause less surface damage; additionally stipplers can be used for smooth finishes. Furthermore, prioritising surface preparation before painting as water-based paints can peel away surfaces not adequately prepared for painting.

Rust Preventive Paint

Metal building, industrial equipment maintenance and automotive maintenance all require the use of raw materials that require a tough, long-lasting surface that resists moisture to prevent corrosion. That is why many metal surfaces that need painting require priming either for improved adhesion, stabilising existing rust or protecting against future damage.

Rawlins Paints provides a selection of rust inhibiting primers designed to work on all metals – ferrous and non-ferrous alike, steel, aluminium and cast iron alike. For heavily rusted surfaces try Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver; it quickly dissolves rust from ferrous metals like wrought iron, steel and other ferrous metals in 5-10 minutes while leaving no bluing or staining behind! Cleanup is easy; water-based paint works great too.

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating can be applied directly over rust on metal surfaces to provide corrosion protection that stands up against salt spray, acid, alkali and other environmental threats. Be sure to first scrub and degrease with POR-15 Cleaner Degreaser/Metal Prep before coating is applied for best results.

Bath Tile Paint

When it comes to updating tired tiles, tile paint offers superior results and will stand up better over time. Specialized tile paint has been engineered specifically to withstand humidity and routine cleaning without failing.

Before embarking on any painting project, first use a cleaner designed to effectively cut through soap scum and other buildup on tiles. Sand the surface of each tile then prime with your chosen primer for optimal results.

Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer for tiles is our recommended primer option, as it will quickly prepare the surface to ensure any new paint job adheres properly to it. Quick drying, low odour paint contains biocide for antifungus protection; perfect for touch up or repainting glazed and porcelain tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.

Render Paint

Render is a pre-mix of sand, cement and clay that can be applied to walls for either smooth or textured finishes. As well as providing great insulation benefits, render can also make cleanup and maintenance easy when painted – although as with any exterior wall it needs the appropriate paint for lasting protection.

An impermeable rendered wall requires special masonry paint that allows moisture to escape while providing long-term protection from moisture damage. We suggest Emperor Masonry Paint as it features hydrophobic nanotechnology coating that allows moisture to escape while providing long-term coverage.

Before beginning painting your render walls, ensure you have all of the appropriate equipment – drop sheets, masking tape and ladder. It may be beneficial to also apply acrylic gap sealant around doors and windows prior to painting to prevent accidental overspray in areas you do not intend to paint.