Protecting your property against weather elements is key to keeping its value intact, which is why many opt to have wall coating installed.

These waterproof masonry creams provide protection from damp, mould, moss and mildew growth while simultaneously decreasing energy usage and improving insulation in buildings.


Wall coatings are far more resilient than exterior paint in Scotland’s humid conditions, where moisture damage is commonplace. Wall coatings can be applied to multiple surfaces including brick, pebbledash, render and sandstone while wood surfaces also benefit from protection from this form of protection. Choosing well-made wall coatings as your exterior option might provide greater long-term savings over paint alone.

As opposed to masonry paint, wall coatings made of multiple materials provide you with an easier solution for wall maintenance issues than ever. From spray or hand painting these coatings can easily be applied onto your property. Plus, their long-term durability provides you with peace of mind for wall maintenance issues!

ProPERLA facade coating and masonry creme are waterproof, protecting walls against water ingress from damaging their surfaces, while being breathable to help preserve the structure of your home and avoid future condensation, dampness or mould growth. Together they reduce water absorption by over 95%.

Energy efficiency

Your exterior walls provide shelter against the elements, so wouldn’t it make sense to professionally prepare them? Wall coating does more than simply look nice; it helps regulate temperatures in your property while saving on energy bills.

ProPERLA facade coating products from us are waterproof, self-cleaning and breathable – essential features in keeping moisture out of brickwork for many years and protecting against damp, mould, mildew and condensation.

Thermal wall coatings from us not only offer protection from the weather, but they can also add value by making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Their energy-saving properties will reduce heating and cooling bills; our insulation properties may even qualify you for the HEEPS Equity Loan scheme which grants interest-free loans for insulation measures.

Low maintenance

Wall coating is more than just paint: it’s an extremely robust masonry creme designed to protect any porous surface such as brick, pebbledash, sandstone, render and concrete walls from damp, mould and mildew damage. Once applied it becomes waterproof preventing damp, mould or mildew damage while being self-cleaning and hydrophobic so rainwater beads off instead of entering into walls – meaning no harmful bacteria build-up!

Heating costs will also decrease significantly as insulation adds warmth inside of your property, helping it feel warmer during winter. A wall coating system also adds value and increases longevity by protecting from elements damage and making your home more appealing to buyers if selling later on down the line – one reason so many homeowners opt for professional spray applied wall coating systems installation services.


Wall coating may resemble regular masonry paint at first glance, but it’s much more. Created using special blends of paints, resins and minerals formulated specifically to protect against mold growth or mildew stains for several years ahead, wall coating offers much-needed long-term solutions.

Waterproof, it prevents moisture damage while also avoiding problems associated with water penetration such as ice formation between bricks or cracks, self-cleaning, breathable fabric prevents mould, mildew and condensation on windows and offers long term peace of mind.

Our thermal wall coating system will dramatically transform the look and value of your property while helping you save energy. It makes your home WARMER in winter and cooler in summer reducing heating bills; furthermore it helps prevent damp, rot, moss and mildew forming on walls! Therefore making it an excellent choice for anyone renovating their property as the product can either be applied by spray or hand painting directly to exterior walls of their property.